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E194. Louise Perry Thinks The Sexual Revolution Was Bad For Women

Louise Perry, author of The Case Against the Sexual Revolution, sits down with Bridget to talk about the repercussions of the sexual revolution and why the claim that sex doesn't have a special status does not serve anyone's interests, particularly women's. They discuss how the people who are winning from this kind of culture are men who can get laid consequence free, sexual trauma and using hypersexuality as a weapon, sexual disenchantment, the idea that sex must be taken seriously, and why Mother Nature is the biggest misogynist out there. They also cover the expectation of women to work, what Louise's idea of feminism looks like, how the increasingly aggressive nature of sexual norms are being normalized due to porn, Playboy, Kim Kardashian, having kids, division of labor between the sexes, and how the world that liberal feminists have constructed is a fragile one that's built on technology.

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