Makers of Minnesota

Kelly McManus and Jeff Casper are the exceptionally curious noodlers behind Dumpling & Strand, fresh noodles that use ancient grains and surprising shapes to bring new versions of fresh noodles to Twin Cities noodle lovers.


Past Episodes

Bee Free Honee is a plant based honey alternative dreamed up by a Minnesota Maker when her apple jelly failed and became Bee Free Honee instead.
The Bachman family has been growing Poinsettias in the Twin Cities for over 100 years. Find out what it takes to get 70,000 flowers from farm to flower.
Britt and Sara have been best friends since high school and together founded Darling Pickle Dip. Their dip is made from zesty pickled vegetables, herbs and spices that are mixed into a smooth cream cheese and white bean blend. You can find them at most Twin Cities farmers markets and Kowalski's.
Five Vodka is infused vodka made in Minnesota with only 5 ingredients. Whether it's their Cranberry Orange or Lemon Ginger, once you try it, you will find a million ways to use it in your cocktails.
Sara's Tipsy Pies have gone from the farmers market, to The State Fair, to your grocers freezer.
Pam Powell is Salad Girl Salad Dressing. Her designs and her flavor combinations make this organic, fresh, dairy free vinaigrette a crowd pleaser at both grocery stores and co-ops around the Midwest.
Larissa Loden became famous for making jewelry that invoked a sense of place with maps. From there she branched out into geometric shapes and more modern pieces that are distinctly Larissa Loden.
One Day Design is the interior design business of sisters Liz Knutson and Kathy Keehn who will recreate your space using your own furnishings.
Molly Morgan Katt and two friends launched Namakan Furs as a way to add a removable fur collar to any jacket or hoodie. Hear how they created a pattern for their thoughtful designs.
Dr. Elizabeth Klodas from the Minnesota company Step One Foods has developed 7 convenience foods that when eaten 2X a day as a replacement for other snacks and meals is proven to lower cholesterol.

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