Secret Life of Teens (AUS)

Drugs and Clubs: What can we do to ensure our teens are safe

What can we do to ensure our teens have fun and are safe when they are clubbing. Sonya and Sacha talk with Terry O'Malley an expert with over 20 year's experience running venues and creating industry policy, on what our young people can expect when they start to club. What are the prevalent drugs, what does an overdose on those drugs look like and what the response should be. The responsibility of venue operators has changed but do they better ensure our young people are safe and protected and treated appropriately if a negative experience (drugs/violence/drink-spiking) occurs. Author of Two Worlds of Your Teenager: Find on Facebook: Find The Door Bitch & Entrepreneur on Twitter: Find The Door Bitch & Entrepreneur on Instagram: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app store

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