Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Dr. Maya Shankar: Here to Change Your Mind

OK Vinos, get ready to put on your thinking cap and get to learning (but in a fun way, obviously). Dr. Maya Shankar is a behavioral scientist whose credentials are incredibly impressive and possibly too long to list; she even created her own job to serve in the White House... no big deal. Maya shares how a major career pivot led her to realize her true passion lies in connecting to those around her and understanding human behavior. She shares priceless advice on how to find yourself after a major life change (based on science!), describes how the human brain works and how we can spur behavioral change based on scientific tactics, and gives her thoughts on some listener-submitted parenting and relationship scenarios. The two dive into just how complex and powerful the human mind really is, and Maya may just change Kaitlyn's life and relationships (and yours, too) based on her studies and findings. To keep on learning, make sure to check out her podcast, A Slight Change of Plans (@aslightchange ).

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