Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Dr. Danielle Belardo: Wellness Facts vs. Wellness BS

The incredible Dr. Danielle Belardo is joining Kaitlyn on the mic today to drop FACTS about popular health and wellness trends, and she's making KB (and all of us) question literally everything we've read online. Danielle is a cardiologist who is out to debunk the misinformation we all fall for - including the pseudoscience she's been a victim to herself. In this episode, Danielle exposes the truth about holistic supplements, clean makeup brands, and getting an IV drip for a bad hangover. When it comes to our health, we are all just searching for the real answers and Danielle is here to help. In this episode, we're getting answers to questions like: Should you pee after sex? Is intermittent fasting worth it? And, should Kaitlyn stop doing the trend that's making her have non-stop bowel movements (sorry, TMI)? We're finding out what has actual evidence and what is just plain BS.

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