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Kaitlyn shares her regrets about who she was in her relationship. Getting lost, changing you, and finding self awareness.

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00:00:55 12/13/2018

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Chael predicts what the future holds for UFC fighter Anthony Smith.
00:01:20 6/15/2019
Joe Fatone Sr. recounts the time a bikini model fed him steak at his son's bachelor party.
00:01:15 6/14/2019
Former GLEE stars - Heather Morris and Naya Rivera - share tidbits of knowledge from their small children.
00:01:00 6/13/2019
Erica Rhodes shares the benefits of being a Lululemon employee; including flying trapeze classes.
00:01:30 6/13/2019
Chael recalls the time he apologized to Bas Rutten for comments made by his younger self.
00:01:15 6/12/2019
CT Fletcher details his brief flirtation with pro wrestling training.
00:01:55 6/11/2019
Shaq lays out his plan to fix the Lakers; which includes making Klay Thompson the highest-paid Laker of all-time.
00:01:30 6/10/2019
Sean Waltman recalls the time Razor Ramon left him out cold from their WWF match.
00:01:40 6/9/2019
Leah teases some details about her upcoming book Hope, Grace, & Faith.
00:01:30 6/8/2019
Missy Hyatt explains her shift back to managing in WCW and why her contract wasn't renewed in 1993.
00:01:35 6/7/2019


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