House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

Kim and Kroy kick off the podcast from their own home. Listen in as they tell you what this podcast is all about, help you to understand the power of positive manifestation, and finish off with some word association!

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01:18:00 6/27/2018

Past Episodes

This week Kim and Kroy debut the call in line with messages from listeners like you, Kroy is celebrating a birthday and Kim gives the behind the scenes story of what really went down with her last stint on RHOA!
01:30:00 9/12/2018
Kim and Kroy are joined by their assistant Brandon as they recap the flight... or plight home, Brandon has to prove how well he knows the Biermanns, and the positive segment gives us an attitude of gratitude. #fabfitfunpartner use code KIMZ
01:21:00 9/5/2018

This week Kim and Kroy talk about nature vs Kim's nurture when their boys got stung. Then the positive segment tells us how to face our fears for the greatest rewards, and the golden nugget gives out the juice... celery juice to be exact.

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01:06:00 8/29/2018
In this special bonus Positive segment Kim and Kroy tell you how to follow your bliss!
00:46:00 8/24/2018
This week Kim reminds Kroy about the 8 year anniversary of his attempted break up, the positive segment reflects on the outlook of our inner circles, and Kim turns the table on Kroy with her own set of questions in, "How well do you know Kim?". #fabfitfunpartner use code KIMZ
01:01:00 8/22/2018

This week Kash Biermann makes his debut on the podcast as he celebrates his 6th birthday! Then Brielle joins Kim and Kroy in a passionate discussion around why they don't have their sons playing football, and finish with rapid fire top 3's for Kim and Brielle. 

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01:14:00 8/15/2018
Kim and Kroy are joined by their personal Chef Tracey Bloom who shares her journey from foster care to fulfillment, Tracey and Kim share their bond for rescuing animals, and even how Kim tricked Tracey into becoming their personal Chef in the first place.
01:17:00 8/8/2018

This week Kim and Kroy are joined by their eldest son KJ to talk about what it's like filming their show and play a game of would you rather? Finally in Kim's positive segment she explains how to speak what you DO want instead of what you don't as part of a mindset of gratitude.

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01:11:00 8/1/2018
Kim and Kroy kick off the podcast explaining the positive mindset that led to a name change, Kroy explains Feng Shui's importance in maintaining positive energy, and in the positive segment Kim and Kroy talk about some of the people who have had an impact guiding them in life. #fabfitfunpartner use code KIMZ
01:07:00 7/25/2018
Kim and Kroy with the help of Brielle recount the chaotic events surrounding their son Kash getting bitten on the face by family dog Sinn. Before that Kim debuts plans for her new song, "Wig" and we learn the origins of Brielle's f***ing potty mouth. #fabfitfunpartner use code KIMZ
01:26:00 7/18/2018

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