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Steve Austin is frugal. He's telling you why!

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00:01:15 5/14/2019

Past Episodes

Chael remembers the time his friend tried to talk Mark Cuban into supporting his documentary. http://bit.ly/2XIKdw6 

00:01:30 7/24/2019

Naz & Nadia discuss gender roles and what virtues you bring in a relationship. http://bit.ly/2XOxSGS 

00:00:45 7/23/2019

Steve updates us on his current relationship with the WWE. http://bit.ly/2JuxWTn 

00:00:50 7/23/2019

What happened when Spencer Pratt went into mocking mode before realizing who was on the phone?? http://bit.ly/2Y4EuAd 

00:01:30 7/22/2019

Heather might have gone a little too European when walking over a grate. http://bit.ly/2JAqSU1 

00:01:00 7/19/2019

Shaq explains why Zion should follow in his footsteps and not play in Summer League. http://bit.ly/30qyeAi 

00:01:10 7/19/2019

Guest Lauren Gottlieb reflects on her most memorable audition, and how she snatched the job with hair extensions. http://bit.ly/2XKwBM4 

00:01:15 7/18/2019

Vanessa and Laura Marano stop by to chat about their upcoming movie Saving ZoŽ. http://bit.ly/2LjEdU1 

00:01:20 7/18/2019

Heather and Nancy find out their seats were once a political hotspot before ordering a very fashionable crustacean. http://bit.ly/2JAqSU1 

00:01:30 7/17/2019

Chael discerns that Jorge Masvidal's fighting stance and knee attack from UFC 239 reminded him of pro wrestling. http://bit.ly/2XIKdw6  

00:01:15 7/17/2019


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