Divorce Sucks with Laura Wasser

Tracy Gray's Passion for Women & Money + Gina Hadley and Jenny Galluzzo from The Second Shift

Laura is joined by Tracy Gray the founder and managing partner of The 22 Fund and founder of the non-profit We Are Enough, as well as Executive in Residence at The Los Angles Cleantech Incubator. Listen in as these two powerful women talk about Tracy's backstory, the importance of investing in women ? particularly women of color ? and the social and economic trends that further prove women drive our future. The conversation continues with the voices of Gina Hadley and Jenny Galluzo, co-founders of New York's female networking and placement company, The Second Shift. On the Sunny Side Up Report Johnnie and Laura discover a man who will regret more than just the mistakes he's tattooed onto his abdomen, why Saudi women getting informed of their divorce by text is actually a win, and Johnnie gives his take on the rumors that Prince Charles might be getting a second divorce. Beach Body - Just text DIVORCE to 303030 to start your FREE trial!

Divorce Sucks with Laura Wasser
01:06:00 1/21/2019

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Special guest Khloè Kardashian joins Laura in the studio today to discusses the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star's recent break up from professional basketball player Tristan Thompson, and what it's like co-parenting their one-year-old daughter, True. Khloe also shares details of what her relationship is really like today with ex-husband Lamar Odom. Laura and Khloe weigh in on the different Kar-Jenner parenting styles and share other Kardashian dish, including what they both think about Scott Disick dating Sofia Richie. Khloe also reveals the deeply personal reasons she created her clothing line Good American, and she explains how divorce inspired her to write her New York Times best-selling book "Strong Looks Better Naked." PLUS, Khloe addresses her relationship with Caitlin. On the Sunny Side Up Report, LAW and Johnnie highlight this week's divorce stories with a look at marriages in 2019. They're surprised to learn wedded bliss today looks almost identical to what it was like in the 1960s, and then they uncover some of the horrors even your BEST friends can inflict on you at a wedding.
01:00:14 5/20/2019
Laura is joined by three of the most talented and sought-after stylists in America. First up is Johnny Wright, the man affectionately called HOTUS (Hairstylist Of The United States). Johnny spent 8 years working in the White House and traveling with former First Lady Michelle Obama as her personal hairstylist, and today he shares 3 tips any woman can use to refresh her look. Celebrity Makeup Artist Amy Oresman joins Laura next for a hilarious run down of why, if you won't put it on your privates, you shouldn't put it on your face. Amy shares her recipe for the "Frozen Facial," and helps Laura to examine her own make up drawer. For fashion tips, Laura's next guest is artist, author, and creator of Chic Mama LA Anne Stedman who gives a sneak peak at what's on the runways for next season?tie dye is baaaaack! Finally, the group gathers for a round table discussion on refreshing your look after a break up. Check out images and #BTS video from this episode @itsovereasy.
00:55:32 5/13/2019
Laura speaks with Certified Forensic Attorney and Accountant Tracy Katz who specializes in dividing marital assets before, during and after divorce. Laura and she discuss ways people can avoid costly mistakes in the process of divorce, and they share financial tips that anyone can use?even those who are single or happily married. On the Sunny Side Up Report LAW and JR discuss the effectiveness of straight dude cuddling sessions on heterosexual marriage, the sleeping habits that can actually lead to divorce, and they share a powerful story about one family's reaction to being told by their pediatrician to get a divorce.
01:14:26 5/6/2019
Laura is joined by well-known therapist and mindfulness coach Elizabeth Winkler. Winkler is the creator of the mindfulness system called The Heart Surgery Kit which teaches children and adults how to integrate simple meditation concepts into their daily lives. Tune in to the full episode to learn about the 5 strategies Elizabeth recommends that everyone follow to find peace and abundant love after divorce. Laura confesses how she really feels about meditation and the two ladies discuss the importance of being able to observe body language in high conflict situations. Elizabeth shares mindfulness tips with Laura and they define the Language of Awareness, which can help divorcing spouses communicate better. On the Sunny Side Up Report Laura and Johnnie share some of the ways you may increase your chance for divorce, and they weigh in on why Mackenzie Bezos is a hero for our age.
00:50:25 4/29/2019
Joshua David Stein the writer and editor-at-large @ Fatherly.com calls in to the studio to talk to Laura about his recent divorce. Joshua also sheds light on the different archetypes of divorce dads featured on Fatherly, and he reveals which type best describes himself. Laura and Joshua debate the evolving dynamics between co-parents post divorce, and Laura asks Joshua for a date. On the Sunny Side Up Report Laura & Johnnie examine the curious world of divorce on the app called "Tik Tok," the benefits of hiring a Divorce Concierge, and they weigh the pros and cons of an open relationship versus monogamy.
00:52:15 4/22/2019
Laura is joined by Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, owner of a sober companion business in the US and author Dr. Danielle Delaney! Listen in as these longtime friends talk about the traumatic experience that set Danielle on the path towards helping others. They discuss the unfortunate situation with actor Jussie Smollett as it relates to survivors of violent crimes and Dr. Delaney even shares the hilarious cliche behind the title of her next book, "Don't Call Me Crying From Your Bentley". On The Sunny Side Up Report LAW & JR share the stories of brides planning their second marriages after a nasty divorce, a story about Nicolas Cage's recent annulment leads Laura to explain the differences from divorce, and the story of the week has Johnnie explaining why he loved casting reality TV from Florida! Openfit - Just text DIVORCE to 303030 to start your FREE trial!
01:05:00 4/15/2019
Laura is joined by actress, writer, producer, and the Head of Creative for Bumble Erin Foster! At the top of the show, Erin reveals the one phobia that has plagued her most of her life, and she explains how she survived her father, music producer David Foster's 4 divorces. Erin also comes clean about her true feelings about her next?yes that'll be her 5th?step mother (actress and singer Katharine McPhee). Erin gets personal with Laura and opens up about her own dating history, including her whirlwind affair with British DJ Samantha Ronson. Erin explains how she and her sister Sara Foster became execs for the popular location based social and dating app (@Bumble #BumbleHive), and she shares tips for gay and straight couples to use to maximize matching on the app. On The Sunny Side Up Report LAW & JR go over some tips to tell your spouse you want a divorce and compare startling revelations people had only after their divorce.
01:17:37 4/8/2019
In the second installment of her fantastic interview with Anna Faris, Laura asks the actress about her time starring in the Scary Movie franchise and what it took to land the role of "Cindy Campbell" in the films. Anna divulges why she has pangs of "mom-guilt" in her real life role as co-parent with her ex husband actor Chris Pratt. Laura and Anna ponder whether working women are more aggressive in Law or in Entertainment, and discuss why in either industry that behavior may lead to an "unnecessary fight." Share your thoughts on the subject and leave a comment that we can discuss on the next episode of #DivorceSucks!
00:52:30 4/1/2019
In Part 1 of this spectacular interview, Laura and Anna debate over their different views on marriage and weddings. Anna tells Laura about growing up in Seattle, and finding her love for theater. The actress also explains why she finds playing crazy people the most interesting to play. On The Sunny Side Up Report, LAW & JR discover a strange new trend of couples taking separate honeymoons, and a discussion of #RHONY Bethany Frankel's custody situation sheds light on some of the challenges a parent may find trying to obtain sole custody of a child after divorce. Johnnie shares an article about @Goop Gwyneth Paltrow who opens up about her experience with "conscious uncoupling." Tap subscribe so you don't miss Part 2.
00:48:11 3/25/2019
Laura speaks with Taylor Armstrong from the premiere cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In this riveting interview, the reality star discloses intimate details from behind-the-scenes of her several seasons on the popular BRAVO reality series, including how she survived being brutally beaten by her then husband, all under the glare of the reality TV cameras. During this powerful conversation, Laura uncovers some shocking truths about domestic violence and its effects on the children of abusers and survivors. On The Sunny Side Up Report LAW & JR discover that divorce can also affect your athletic performance, and they explore what makes an ideal Sugar Baby. Kopari Deodorant - Visit KopariBeauty.com/DIVORCE to save $5 off your first order when you subscribe
00:50:00 3/18/2019

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