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Despite new accountability law, VA still finding it tough to fire director of DC facility

In today's Federal Newscast, after the Veterans Affairs Department second attempt at firing the director of its DC facility, VA's case against Brian Hawkins is reportedly falling apart, and he will be reinstated.

Federal Newscast
00:07:02 5/16/2019

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In today's Federal Newscast, a provision in the annual Defense bill the Senate Armed Services Committee released this week would order a top-to-bottom review of the contractor, civilian and military IT positions in each military service and DoD agency.
00:06:26 6/13/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, according to new numbers from market research company Forrester, the federal government as a whole was ranked lower than airlines, car rental services, and health care providers.
00:06:31 6/12/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Rep. Michael McCaul's (R-TX) bill, the DHS Cyber Incident Response Teams Act, would create groups of cyber first responders in the event of a cyber attack on the government or private sector.
00:06:14 6/11/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, funding to support the Interior Department's plans to reorganize its bureaus and management functions into 12 unified regions across the country is absent from the House 20-20 appropriations bill.
00:05:31 6/10/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the NRC's inspector general finds a third of NRC's inspectors will be eligible to retire in 2020.
00:05:50 6/9/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, an arbitrator finds the Veterans Affairs Department should take down a public record of employee firings and other punishments from its website.
00:07:55 6/6/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Senate and House Veterans Affairs committee leaders are demanding answers from the VA about claims involving secret wait lists for veterans seeking care.
00:07:01 6/5/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, House and Senate lawmakers have taken steps to prevent a White House proposal which would result in about 1,000 layoffs at the U.S. Forest Service.
00:06:33 6/4/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Government Accountability Office says agency spending on products and services in 2018 reached its highest level in seven years.
00:05:48 6/3/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the House Appropriations Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee includes a pay raise for civilian employees in its 2020 spending bill
00:05:36 6/2/2019

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