Adam Carolla Show

Dave Dameshek and DFG on Eclipses & Revenge + Carlo Mendez on Old Fathers & the Gym

Dave Dameshek returns and the guys laugh about the various ways people walk their dogs before looking at a car movie list featuring some of Adam's movies. Adam also shares a funny sign he saw on a coffee table before the guys welcome Deaf Frat Guy to the program. The gang plays a round of JV or All Balls before Adam finishes off the Irate 8 of March Madness Madness. Next, Chris reports the news on New York inmates suing because they aren't allowed to see the lunar eclipse, Shakira facing backlash for criticizing the Barbie movie, and a conjoined twin marrying. Lastly, Carlo Mendez joins to talk about his new film and his sister, Eva Mendes. He comments on her relationship with Ryan Gosling and the group talks about fatherhood and working out. For more with Dave Dameshek: * Subscribe to this podcasts: ? Minus Three (w/ Kevin Hench) ? Extra Points (w/ Sarah Tiana) For more with DFG: * VENMO: Josh [dash] Gardner [dash] 101 * TWITTER: @DeafFratGuy For more with Carlo Mendez: * 'Demise' is available now on digital and video on demand * TWITTER: @Carlo Mendez * INSTAGRAM: @CMendez 78 Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * * * Get the Viator App Today!

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