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Critical Race Theory in Our Schools - with guests Amy Gonzalez & Andrea Gross

 Today's show rundown: 

Mark and Chuck breaking into Mexico and entering the country illegally. Future plans 

$286,000.00 per family (family of 4) for 6 months of hotel housing for immigrant families crossing the border 

The Biden administration wants us to believe that Mexico and other these central American countries are in total meltdown 

Hosts welcome guests Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross. 

What got them to pay attention to what was being taught in schools 

In the Heartland of America (Ohio) we are full on fighting for the hearts and minds of our children 

An administrator at this school likened it to a hundred plus year White Supremacist 

3year old to 12th Grade (100 kids in this school) 

People just tell these Moms to "just leave" instead of trying to change what's wrong 

Guests go in to talk about make-up of the school board / administration of this school 

No diversity of thought within the school board  

Board was trying to bring 1619 to curriculum / create dissent when some parents were showing why division based off race and
color is moving backwards 

This parent group is anti-racism & pro-human 

They are trying to indoctrinate children as young as 6 about White Privilege 

Amy is continually bullied, and they are trying to cancel her 

This group wants to solve problems WITHOUT goingthe legal route   

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