Cory Bernardi, leader of the Australian Conservatives, chats to host Adam Peacock, about what he hopes to achieve after leaving the Liberal Party and why he believes we should have "cool heads on global warming."

Peacock Politics (AUS)
00:32:46 3/12/2019

Past Episodes

Why did we choose a mixture of a Washington and Westminster political system? Host Adam Peacock asks political commentator, Dr Keith Suter, how the Australian framework was created and whether it's still effective today.
00:33:15 3/12/2019
How does the House of Representatives work? Host Adam Peacock sits down with former Speaker, Anna Burke, to discuss what goes on in the Lower House and her run-ins with Tony Abbott during Question Time.
00:33:34 3/12/2019
Why do we need the Senate? Former Senator and leader of the Democrats, Natasha Stott Despoja, speaks to host Adam Peacock about how the Senate works and why decorum seems to have flown out the windows of Parliament House.
00:33:08 3/12/2019
Is politics becoming more polarised in Australia? Host Adam Peacock asks Australian National University Emeritus Professor, John Warhurst, how the ideologies of those on the left differ from those on the right and whether this has evolved over time.
00:26:41 3/12/2019
Is Australia's oldest political party still relevant? Party powerbroker and political commentator, Graham Richardson, describes how the party was formed, who really runs it and whether it's moved with the times.
00:30:59 3/12/2019
What does the Liberal Party stand for? Former Senator, Amanda Vanstone, talks with host Adam Peacock, about why disagreements are a good thing, the ideals that drew her to the Liberal Party and the challenges they face today.
00:32:54 3/12/2019
Would you go to behind bars for your political beliefs? Host Adam Peacock speaks to former leader of the Greens, Christine Milne, about how she helped shape the now global political movement and why she would still happily go to jail for it.
00:00:00 3/12/2019
Get behind Canberra's closed doors. In PodcastOne's new series, Peacock Politics, Adam Peacock speaks with politicians and leading commentators to find out how the Australian political system functions and why it was set up the way it was. Peacock Politics - Out soon on PodcastOne Australia.
00:01:22 3/7/2019

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