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Conscious Talk Radio - 01 - 24 - 19 - Guest(s): Amy Jarvis & Lynn Andrews

Topic: So.. what is it about Yoga that is so mysterious? And how does it really benefit us? We'll talk to yoga therapy practitioner Amy Jarvis for her thoughts. Then... we'll visit with Lynn Andrews, famous for her shamanic women studies. We'll talk to her about her new oracle system that helps us create a bridge between the sacred and everyday life. Website(s): &

Conscious Talk
00:53:20 1/24/2019

Past Episodes

Topic: There are many issues on the collective and individual level that need to be dealt with. Near the top of the list is insecurity... and you certainly see it reflected everywhere. It's time for another Women's Hour and this time the feminine focus is on insecurity.
00:54:04 8/16/2019
Topic: Here's a spiritual concept you don't hear often, "I've just gotta be me... and so do you!" So how is that important in the great spiritual scheme of things? Krysta Gibson, publisher of New Spirit Journal and author of her newest book "Inspiration - Nourishment for Your Spiritual Journey" is here with an answer. Then... Rob explains why one of the foundational reasons for many of our physical challenges is our misunderstanding of how acid works in the body. Website(s): /
00:53:51 8/15/2019
Topic: Over the years, Brenda and Rob have learned a lot about healing. Today, they'll share their philosophy and approach, and how you can participate in their healing service. Then, we'll talk with Leanne Thomas, a medium and channel who works with the angelic realm. She has a new deck of "Angelic Hope Archangel Oracle Guidance Cards". She'll fill us in on how the angelic realm can help us. Website:
00:53:12 8/14/2019
Topic: Allowing... it's a spiritual concept that brings a lot of peace but is viewed mostly on a transactional level. We allow certain things, but not everything. We'll talk to Dr. DiVanna VaDree about a larger view of allowing and discuss the idea that life itself is what you allow it to be. It's time for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality. Website:
00:53:44 8/13/2019
You've been hearing about the Ketogenic diet for some time now. What's it really all about and is it really a good idea? We have an expert for you. Our guest, David Harper, is the author of BioDiet: The Scientifically Proven, Ketogenic Way to Lose Weight and Improve Health. We thin he has the real skinny on Ketogenic diets... pun intended. Website:
00:53:52 8/12/2019
Topic: What is it about the concept of Free Will that is so confusing to most of us? Perhaps it's because we hear too many varying interpretations. We thought it wise to confer with a divine source. Danielle Gibbons returns to channel Mother Mary... and of course, the subject for this month is "Free Will". Website:
00:53:32 8/9/2019
Topic: What happens to our brain and how it processes trauma can result in what we call PTSD, short for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are mental as well as physical effects on the body? The truth is, PTSD is more common than you think. We'll talk to Karin Hill, an expert in the treatment of PTSD who has herself experienced the very real struggle it can cause. Website:
00:54:06 8/8/2019
Topic: Metaphysical healing is a mystery to most of us, but the stories are no longer as rare as they used to be. In fact, we may be approaching a time when a new understanding may lead to new protocols that don't look anything like the conventional medical approach we know today. We'll talk to Mary Helen Hensley, author of "Understanding Is The New Healing" for some insights into how healing miracles might become more common than ever before. Website:
00:53:44 8/7/2019
Topic: Trust, in a social sense means that one party is able to rely on an expected action from another. It is an essential part of our social contracts. In a spiritual sense, trust in the divine has an even deeper importance to how we see and live our lives. Dr. DiVanna VaDree returns for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality to discuss trust, how to expand it and deepen into it. Website:
00:53:59 8/6/2019
Topic: Does money make the greatest difference in your life? Are you spiritual and have trouble relating to money? Maybe you're looking in the wrong place for your answers or asking the wrong questions of yourself.. We'll talk to Jennifer Noel Taylor, author of "Spiritual and Broke". She has some ideas on how to stop struggling with money and start living your purpose. Website:
00:54:27 8/5/2019

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