Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Conor McKenzie: What Does Pride Mean to You?

If you saw the recent Dew Pride Edit, then you're already familiar with today's guest... Conor McKenzie! Conor is an incredible dancer, content creator, and all around bright light who wears heels taller than KB will ever be able to rock. The two talk about their recent Dew photoshoot and Kaitlyn opens up about why sometimes photoshoots cause her anxiety... but not with Conor, who is always making sure everyone is staying positive and having fun. Conor reveals what he's up to this Pride Month and why celebrating (this month AND year-round) is so important to him. Plus, he gets into his background with dance, his feelings on TikTok, and shares a hilarious (and slightly mortifying) confession. Stay tuned to hear the marketing genius that is KB & Conor because this idea will have you getting prepped and ready to get your stretch on. Visit to learn about the amazing organization that Conor is working with and Dew is giving back to with each purchase of the Pride Edit!  

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