Federal Newscast

Congressman brushes off idea of federal workers living paycheck to paycheck

In today's Federal Newscast, while some members of Congress are trying to make sure federal employees can get paid during a potential shutdown, don't expect every member to feel sorry for them.

Federal Newscast
00:06:30 12/20/2018

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In today's Federal Newscast, Health and Human Services releases 25 ways the agency can improve how it spends taxpayer money.
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00:07:12 7/15/2019
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00:06:36 7/14/2019
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00:05:13 7/11/2019
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00:05:50 7/10/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Defense Department is putting off the elimination of a major benefit for post 9/11 veterans.
00:06:42 7/9/2019

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