Federal Newscast

Congressman brushes off idea of federal workers living paycheck to paycheck

In today's Federal Newscast, while some members of Congress are trying to make sure federal employees can get paid during a potential shutdown, don't expect every member to feel sorry for them.

Federal Newscast
00:06:30 12/20/2018

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In today's Federal Newscast, two Senators ask the Transportation Security Administration for its plan if staffing shortages and call outs continue.
00:06:35 1/17/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, bills to improve agency oversight of sexual harassment and give federal interns the same protection as employees pass the House.
00:06:51 1/16/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is asking the Office of Personnel Management how it's making sure federal employees furloughed due to the government shutdown are still receiving healthcare coverage.
00:06:28 1/16/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, along with bonuses, the Transportation Security Administration says it can legally pay employees who worked the first day of the shutdown.
00:07:40 1/14/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Senator Gary Peters wants to know why it decided to reopen the Old Post Office Tower within the Trump Hotel during the government shutdown.
00:06:52 1/13/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, analysis shows the loss of salary from federal workers, and the loss of income substitution provided through USDA because of the government shutdown will have a significant effect on the nation's economy.
00:06:23 1/10/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, a bill introduced by Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) would authorize congressional payroll administrators to dock pay for members of Congress for as long as a government shutdown continues.
00:06:55 1/9/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, a review by the Center for American Progress looks at how much money federal workers could lose during the partial government shutdown.
00:06:10 1/8/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, federal courts will be able to continue operating until January 18 with their limited funds during the partial government shutdown.
00:05:55 1/7/2019
A bill in Congress would make sure federal employees who work in security, food service, and janitorial services, get reimbursed after the government shutdown ends.
00:06:13 1/6/2019

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