Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie on SKOR North

Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins, otherwise known as the Conduits of Trouble, return to their old stomping grounds today for the majority of this episode. The boys discuss the comments by Kirk Cousins yesterday that were pretty self-aware and if they really mean there's been a change for the quarterback. They also discuss this coaching staff being a perfect fit for what Zim needs. Outside of the Vikings chatter the boys dive into some Joe Mauer stories and talk about the need for bullpen help for the Twins.

Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie on SKOR North
00:47:00 6/12/2019

Past Episodes

7/15/19 Hour 2

  • CRAM Session
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:48:00 7/14/2019

7/15/19 Hour 1

  • How do we feel after the Twins take two of three from Cleveland at the weekend?
  • Wolves Head Coach Ryan Saunders joins the show
  • Gersson Rosas' comments on Howard Beck's podcast
00:57:00 7/14/2019

7/12/19 Hour 2

  • Write That Down
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:49:00 7/11/2019

7/12/19 Hour 1

  • Twins back in action and Judd's panic alarm is being set off
  • Matt Thomas joins to discuss Houston sports going nuts
  • AHL Push Notifications going off the rails/18 game NFL Schedule
00:58:00 7/11/2019
Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins discuss what they expect to happen and why it seems almost certain a deal will take place before the July 31 deadline. The boys also discuss the wild NBA offseason, what it means for the Wolves and whether it's a good thing that players run the league.
00:38:00 7/11/2019
Declan Goff fills in for Jonathan Harrison for Cram Session; Athletes in different eras and the problems with that argument and wrap with Reusse.
00:00:00 7/10/2019
Mackey & Judd with Ramie open the show discussing Twins trade deadline discussion; the top fictional movie athletes and Melvin Gordon's contract demands.
00:00:00 7/10/2019

7/10/19 Hour 2

  • Ramie wants to trade KAT... preposterous!
  • In Other News
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:47:00 7/9/2019

7/10/19 Hour 1

  • Minnesota sports fans hatred for Joe Buck pops up again
  • Jayson Stark on baseball
  • All Star Game thoughts
00:57:00 7/9/2019

7/9/19 Hour 2

  • Should the Wolves go after Westbrook? ESPN and The Ringer think so.
  • The boys try to answer a great morale question of our time
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:48:00 7/8/2019

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