Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley

My Gay Ex-Lover... ft. Colton Underwood

In this episode of "Unlocked," host Savannah Chrisley sits down with reality TV star Colton Underwood for a candid conversation about his journey to self-discovery... and their journey to... friendship. Despite attending the ACM awards together, the two joke about not being interested in each other romantically... and Savannah adds that, in her defense, she wasn't working with the right "equipment."
Colton opens up about the pressure he faced growing up in a conservative community, his struggles with mental health, and the emotional toll of keeping his sexuality a secret. He also discusses his experience as the Bachelor and how that experience ultimately led him to confront his truth. Colton also shares about his relationship with Savannah's dad, Todd, and how much he appreciated Todd always checking in on him. Savannah and Colton discuss the importance of authenticity and vulnerability, and how sharing our stories can help others going through similar struggles. This episode offers a powerful and inspiring conversation about identity, self-acceptance, the power of vulnerability, and the importance of having supportive people in our lives.

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