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Martellus talks with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Michael Bennett, about the perception of black and white athletes in the NFL. Plus, Marty reveals Michael's hangouts with LeBron James and Larry David.

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00:02:44 8/2/2018

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00:01:20 3/26/2019
Kevin Nash and Steve talk the battle of the dinner bill, and people who refuse to pay.
00:01:20 3/25/2019
Is there a home-cage advantage in the MMA? Chael gives his take.
00:01:25 3/19/2019
Stassi Schroeder spills the tea on her future with her and her boyfriend - Beau Clark.
00:01:10 3/18/2019
Hear Lawyer Clifton Molatore discuss how Connor McGregor could have handled the incident in Florida.
00:01:25 3/17/2019
Joey nearly walked in on Lance Bass doing what!?
00:01:35 3/16/2019
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00:01:05 3/15/2019
Matt and Michelle uncover some crazy misconceptions on Soda and Fizzy Drinks.
00:01:15 3/15/2019
Hear how Joey took one for the team on tour.
00:00:45 3/14/2019
Jessica gets emotional talking about how much her family means to her.
00:00:55 3/14/2019


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