College Football Bros

College Football Bros Sportsbook (Part 2)

Back to the Sportsbook! Here are the prop bets the Bros will set lines for in this episode: Will the Heisman winner win the National Championship in 2021? Will Texas A&M win a national title within 20 years? What will happen first: Alabama AND Clemson don't make a Playoff in the same season OR Texas makes a Playoff? Will South Carolina beat Clemson in the next 5 years? Which QB transfer will have the best season? How many years will it take Rutgers to reach a bowl game? Most wins in 2021: Vanderbilt, Kansas, or Syracuse? Will there be a new team in the College Football Playoff in 2021? How many 1,000 yard rushers will we have in the 2021 season? Let us know your best bets!

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