Let's Talk With Heather Dubrow

College Bound(aries) with Jenn Curtis and Cynthia Muchnick

This conversation seriously could not have happened at a better time. If you've been both equally excited and dreading sending your kid to college--please join our club. The reality is that having your kids leave the nest is a daunting experience. So how do we as parents prepare them for the unknown? That's where Heather's guests, Jenn Curtis and Cynthia Muchnick, come in. The co-authors of Parent Compass are educational consultants who personally know the good, the bad, and the fugly of launching your kids into the real world. Look, we all want the best for our kids but we still need to establish boundaries ESPECIALLY when they're away and figuring themselves out. We're tackling everything from taboo subjects like dealing with a mental health crisis to teaching your kids about budgeting and avoiding credit card debt. This episode also has some hot takes like should you be tracking your kids location once they no longer live under your roof? The answer is a little controversial... Plus, have you experienced a phone dump? we'll explain exactly what that is and why you shouldn't panic if you're on the receiving end. In the words of Kevin Hart, you're gonna learn today! If you want to hear more from Jenn and Cynthia please follow: IG:@parentcompass Twitter @parentcompass1 Www.parentcompassbook.com Facebook The Parent Compass Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Airmed: Visit airmedcarenetwork.com/heather today and get up to a $60 gift card with code HEATHER

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