The Big Podcast With Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal gets back into the Kaepernick debate, Dak and Cowboys drama, superstar treatment for Antonio Brown and more on The Big Podcast with Shaq

Shaq is back in the studio and gets into the Colin Kaepernick debate again, saying that while he respects what Colin has done, he grew up different than Kaepernick did... and the debate rages on, respectfully. And the Dallas Cowboys fan Shaquille O'Neal is the first one to come to the defense of Dak Prescott but says he just can't make more than Tom Brady because he's the best ever. And Shaq also stands up for Antonio Brown, because he's a weird superstar and so was Shaq when he was in the same position, and AB leaves it all out on the field. Plus laughs with the Dwight Howard story, Chris Cuomo's reaction to "Fredo," Mike Tyson's weed budget, of course we get Borderline, and we play a round of Who's Bigger! Follow the show on Twitter @Shaqcast - on Instagram and Facebook @TheBigPodcastWithShaq - or email your best questions and clips to

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