Media Roundtable

Climate Journalism - Critical Frequency Network Founder Joins The Media Roundtable

Years ago, advertisers could essentially run their commercials anywhere, as long as they hit their marketing objectives. But today, more and more advertisers demand far deeper insights than just what their ads mean to their bottom line. Marketing in today's climate is about not only knowing if something "works" or not but, you want to feel good about the media you support. To that end, we're excited about this week's guest whose work through the podcast network she's created and the shows she hosts is extremely purpose-oriented. Our guest this week is Amy Westervelt, an award-winning climate print and audio journalist. Westervelt is the founder and executive producer of the Critical Frequency Podcast Network, and also the host of the hit true-crime climate podcast Drilled, along with the upcoming podcasts Rigged and Damages. Westervelt is a podcast giant not only for the massive amount of thoroughly researched journalism she's produced but for the sharp insight she has into her audience that makes her a case study for successful podcast marketing. Tune in to learn why lawsuits are the sign of a great story, why fact-checking on podcasts is so much less common than on radio, what it looks like when climate change deniers go after Big Oil, and why all the moderate climate solutions are no longer an option.

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