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Zane kicks it with the man himself, Adam Carolla, as they talk about cars, travel bucket lists and booze laws. Also, Zane, Erica and Steve get you hip to the spots on the globe where you might live out your life the longest as well as Zane's trip to Texas.

Zane's World
01:22:00 11/21/2018

Past Episodes

Comedian Chris DiStefano stops by the podcast to talk about his new Comedy Central special SIZE 38 WAIST, being a history buff, his uncle the cat judge and what he knows about Brooklyn! Also, Zane and the crew update their weight loss progress and report on troubles with hotel robots in Japan. Join the LaCroix Sparkling Water community on Social media at @lacroixwater or at
01:37:00 1/23/2019
YouTube travel enthusiasts Marko and Alex Ayling - the VagaBrothers - join Zane today to talk about their rise to success online, how to own a successful drone and the perils of filming in Machu Picchu. Also, Zane provides an important update about FOUR SHEETS! Start scoring amazing deals at incredible hotels with Hotel Tonight! Download the app or go to today!
01:37:00 1/15/2019
Dangerous species expert Donald Schultz join Zane this week to talk about his mission to harvest cheaper anti-venom, crossing paths with Charlize Theron and saving Dominic Monaghan's life. Also, Zane hits us with his travel bucket list for Africa! Check out the NUMBER ONE sparkling brand in the US at
01:28:00 1/8/2019
Best-selling vegan cookbook authors and fellow podcasters Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway ? collectively known as Thug Kitchen ? stop by the podcast to talk about their rise to fame, combatting controversy on the fly and cauliflower...the gateway vegetable. Also, Zane lists his favorite Steves and takes some phone calls at 855-HEY-ZANE
01:31:00 1/2/2019
Revered journalist and alcohol expert Dan Dunn stops by the show this week to regale the gang with epic stories about Hunter S. Thompson and Anthony Bourdain. Later in the interview, Dan lays down THE GAUNTLET for Zane and friends when he returns! Also, Zane and friends share their New Year's resolutions and make a commitment to weight loss in 2019.
01:46:00 12/26/2018
Join Zane and Josh this week as they welcome international comedian Ismo as they break down idioms, colloquialisms and the true meaning of "ass." Also, Zane and the crew break down Zane's epic list of the countries with the best food, a man immortalized with towels, and they answer questions from 855-HEY-ZANE.
01:29:00 12/19/2018
Comedian Amir K joins the podcast this week to talk about life on the road, combatting unruly fans and invoking Andy Kaufman. Also, that SOB Dino Archie, the meanest person in the world, calls in! Elsewhere on the show, musician Justin Sheehy pops in with his guitar. And Zane, Steve and Erica discuss life on Mars as Steve does some Pearl Jam karaoke.
01:19:00 12/12/2018
Actor Oliver Cooper (OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, PROJECT X) stops by the show this week to chat about making friends at Hedonism, gambling on-set, and taking a dip with Justin Timberlake and his wife! Elsewhere on the show, Zane, Steve and Erica dip into the Google Voice mailbox (855-HEY-ZANE), report on peculiar air travel stores and rank the best beer cities in the USA.
01:13:00 12/5/2018
You've seen him on TV for years on BAR RESCUE. Now restauranteur and entrepreneur, Jon Taffer (host of JON TAFFER: NO EXCUSES on PodcastOne) joins us to talk about making television, tips for hiring the right people and Vegas, baby. Vegas. Elsewhere on the show, Zane, Steve and Josh discuss Mel's surgery, defunct airline updates and Josh's Mormon phase.
01:24:00 11/28/2018
Zane and crew welcome comedian Dino Archie to talk about comedy on the road, performing on Jimmy Kimmel, substances on stage and getting out speeding tickets via friendship. Also, the gang talks about legendary road trips, coffin endurance and miracle back rubs.
01:39:00 11/14/2018

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