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Hear Chael's predictions on who will win...athletic abilities, toughness, and what leads to a championship.

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00:01:25 1/23/2019

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Joey Fatone and his daughter, Briahna, talk about their struggles of constant jokes about their last name.
00:01:15 4/20/2019
Kevin, Jenna, Amber, and Chris flew on the worst plane while on tour with Glee. Hear why it stank so much...
00:01:55 4/19/2019
Dillon Danis talks with Chael about the best way to fire back at criticism.
00:01:35 4/17/2019
Steve reveals what names he considered before becoming "Stone Cold."
00:01:00 4/16/2019
Hear Pro-Wrestler Johnny Impact talk about his switch to a pure Lucha Libre style of fighting.
00:01:10 4/14/2019
Hear Chael's thoughts on the Jorge Masvidal & Leon Edwards incident
00:01:15 4/13/2019
Hear what happened when Joe Mulvihill met with Red Sox legend, Johnny Damon, to run the bases.
00:01:10 4/12/2019
Actor Desmin Borges questions of who invents food. Hear what unfolds.
00:01:10 4/11/2019
Heidi is leaving the drama behind and coming back to The Hills in a big way.
00:01:45 4/10/2019
Chael shares his thoughts on how Jon Jones moved up to heavyweight and is now facing Stipe Miocic.
00:01:40 4/8/2019


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