Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Cassie Randolph: Life & Love After the Final Rose

Kaitlyn and Cassie are together in studio in LA after reuniting on After the Final Rose for Clayton's finale of The Bachelor, and that means they finally have a chance to catch up! While Cassie has been busy with school, a new beau, and a house of her own, she hasn't had the chance to share what the past couple of years have been like until now. Cassie is opening up about why she decided to take a break from Bachelor Nation until her recent appearance, and how she found out the big news about her ex of the franchise, Colton Underwood, who came out as gay in 2021 after their breakup. She's sharing what life looks like today, how she's changed during the past few years, and her plans for the future. And of course, we're getting a confession, this time about an experience during the beginning of her relationship with her now boyfriend that many of us will relate to! 

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