Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Carly Pearce: The Power of Vulnerability

Kaitlyn has her good friend and Country's it-girl, Carly Pearce, on the podcast to talk all about where she's at now in comparison to a year ago and her incredible new collection of songs "29" which are likely on loop in your head! Carly opens up about her divorce and what was truly going on behind the scenes in her personal life that last time she was on the podcast with Kaitlyn a year ago. Carly shares about the real and raw heartbreak, healing journey, and power of vulnerability. She is saying yes to dates but also shares the joys of being single and finding what truly makes her happy on her own without having to answer to anyone... and then she reveals if she'd rather fart on stage or have an epic voice crack. Kaitlyn puts on her psychic match making hat to predict who Carly is going to date next...

You can find Carly on IG at @carlypearce and Twitter 

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