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The Crafty Rogues: Carl is having a conversation with himself; Special Guest Carl Craig (ep. 136)

We've got a full squad again for the first time in a while with both John and Stephen in this week, for a little while anyways because John takes off in the middle of the show. They also brought along a special guest in Carl Craig!

The boys discuss the week in European Qualifying and the USMNT games before we get a helping of Premier League predictions. Before he takes off John gives us a Just Be Cos.

You wrote in and the boys answered your letters. Producer Jonathan hopped in for his Big Football Update. We close the show talking with Carl about his past in music as well as his thoughts on the England teams future.

John's Premier League Predictions

  • Fulham 1-4 Manchester City
  • Brighton 3-2 Southampton
  • Burnley 1-1 Wolves
  • Crystal Palace 3-0 Huddersfield
  • Leicester 1-1 Bournemouth
  • Manchester United 1-0 Watford
  • West Ham 3-3 Everton
  • Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea
  • Liverpool 3-1 Tottenham
  • Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle
  • Watford 1-1 Manchester United
  • Chelsea 4-1 Brighton
  • Manchester City 3-0 Cardiff
  • Tottenham 3-0 Crystal Palace

SKOR North United
00:55:00 3/27/2019

Past Episodes

The boys return for another helping of The Crafty Rogues. The boys open with stories of Louisville before jumping into Minnesota United's two US Open Cup wins. Then the guys move onto some international play as they review the last week of action in the Women's World Cup before jumping to the Gold Cup action that's taken place since we last recorded. The guys answer your letters and John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. To close the show the John tips the first weekend of Premier League action, we get an AFL updat, and a look at the Cricket World Cup.
01:00:00 6/19/2019
The boys return for another hour of craic and football talk in this week's Crafty Rogues as they discuss the US Women putting up 13 in a match, the England men losing in the Semi Finals (again), and the US Men getting played off the park by Venezuela. Also along the way in this episode John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn discuss maybe the best opening to the show ever, Minnesota United's loss at the weekend, the upcoming Gold Cup, and the Euro Qualifying taking place this last weekend. Later in the show the guys answer your letters, John has his world famous Just Be Cos segment, and Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. To wrap up this edition of The Crafty Rogues the guys discuss the Women's World Cup slogan, the Cricket World Cup, and get an AFL Update.
00:59:00 6/11/2019
Adrian Heath and Jamie Watson are back for this week's show to discuss the disappointing loss in Colorado. The duo also the ongoing Women's World Cup, preview the Open Cup match against Sporting KC, and the upcoming Gold Cup.
00:47:00 6/9/2019
With Nations League semi-finals, Women's World Cup, and the Gold Cup all on tap the boys have enough football to talk plus the usual amount of craic to fill an hour of fun. Cosgrove and Quinno get festivities started by celebrating the big man's birthday on the day of recording and also discussing Quinno's injury he suffered at the weekend playing cricket. The guys then jump into Minnesota United's 3-2 loss at home before recapping a rather drab Champions League Final. With Nations League semi-finals already under way we get a recap of Portugal's 3-1 win over Switzerland and a preview of the much anticipated Netherlands/England match. We run through a series of upcoming International Friendlies before getting the boys' tips for the Women's World Cup. Letters came in over the week so the guys answered them on air. John has a Champions League themed Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan pops in for his Big Football Update. We close the show with modern dating terms and a look back at the action so far in the Cricket World Cup.
00:55:00 6/5/2019
*Adrian Heath and Jamie Watson are back after a week off, and there's lots to cover, as they recap the last 4 game for the Loons. Later, they Rate Cal's Call.
00:00:00 6/3/2019
The boys return for another cracking effort to discuss all things football. Once the boys sift through the craic they get to discussing the Promotion Playoff finals, the Europa League Final, and previewing the Champions League Final. Cosgrove and Quinno answer your questions before John get's something off his chest in the Just Be Cos segment. Quinno fills in for Producer Jonathan's Big Football Update with all the football gossip he found during the week. The boys close this week's show discussing Lance Armstrong and the AFL.
00:00:00 5/29/2019
It's a raining Tuesday night in Minneapolis as the boys reconvene at Brit's Pub for some craic and football. After some quick catching up the boys jump into some of the stories that have interested them in football in the past couple days. We have a quick chat about Minnesota United beating the Columbus Crew 1-0 at the weekend before reviewing the FA Cup Final. John gives his tips for the Promotion Playoff Finals before he grades every Premier League clubs season (earmuffs Manchester United fans). The boys then answer your letters. John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. We close the show discussing Gareth Southgate's complaint about not enough English players playing in the Premier League and a quick AFL update.
00:57:00 5/21/2019
Adrian Heath returns with Jamie Watson this week to talk about the win over Columbus, previewing the Houston match, and Rating Cal's Call.
00:50:00 5/20/2019
The boys are back with a full showing for the first time in a couple weeks and it's time to discuss yet another ending to a Premier League season. The boys catch up after a couple weeks apart before they jump right into the Premier League review. The boys discuss the fitting end to one of the closest Premier League title races in recent memory as well as Manchester United falling on their face and John falling out of love with Arsenal. We also look ahead to the FA Cup Final, Champions and Europa League Finals and what it means that Europe is being dominated by the English clubs. The boys then answer your letters. Jon Cosgrove gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. We close the show discussing the lower leagues and the AFL.
00:48:00 5/14/2019
Minnesota United Manager Adrian Heath is back for this week's show to discuss the 2-0 loss to Chicago, the Premier League finishing for the season, and a preview of the upcoming Columbus Crew match.
00:48:00 5/12/2019

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