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Cam Newton signs with the Patriots, and what pressure types matter

PFF's Steve Palazzolo and Sam Monson discuss the recent news: Cam Newon signs with the Patriots. The guys also dive in and discuss what pressure types matter the most. 0:00 - Intro - June 29 2:15 - Signing Cam Newton now is a value play 11:00 - New England's QB situation remains unclear 14:43 - Can the Patriots system elevate Cam? 19:15 - Cam is not a fit w/ New England's WRs 25:00 - Will Cam Newton play like Lamar Jackson in 2020? 28:03 - The odds Jarrett Stidham is QB1 33:48 - Buffalo Bills still have the best roster in the AFC East 39:20 - Chase Daniel is earning more than Cam Newton 41:48 - Breaking down the significance of the QB sack 48:30 - Correlating coverage & sacks 52:42 - Pass-rushing w/ athleticism vs. technique 55:05 - Chandler Jones is a pass-rushing outlier

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