Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley

Ants, Chaos, and Girth

CC259: Lindsie's house must still think it's Halloween because she has been battling ants and has some weird paranormal activity going on.. Someone send help!
Kail and Lindsie continue their talk on the new Casey Anthony docu-series. Their thoughts on Casey's body language, why did Casey shop around her story to studios, and was this series intentionally trying to make Casey look less guilty?
In addition, Lindsie pitches the idea of perhaps having a child with an ex-husband if both parties are single and wanting of another child. Kail supports a listener's husband in his decision of getting penis enhancement. Lindsie recommends watching Jonah Hill's new documentary about mental health and therapy called Stutz.
Today's Foul Play has us questioning people's hygiene priorities...

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