Adam Carolla Show

Byron Bowers + Jodi Miller (ACS February 2)

Comedians Byron Bowers and Jodi Miller join Adam as they talk about Tom Brady's retirement and speculate the real reason for the divorce. The three discuss who they would use their "hallpasses" on before looking at a basketball coach posing as a teen girl at a varsity game. Byron mentions how he'd like to play Willy T. Ribbs in a biopic someday and they all get into the advantages of flying private. PLUGS: Check your local TV listings to watch Jodi Miller's 'The World's Funniest Weather' and 'Funny You Should Ask' Visit Jodi's website, And follow Jodi on Twitter and Instagram, @JodiMillerComic Watch 'Byron Bowers: Spiritual N***a' streaming now on Hulu Visit for live dates And follow Byron on Twitter and Instagram, @ByronBowers THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS: and Enter code: ADAM

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