Secret Life of Teens (AUS)

Bullying: How to Tackle the Issue

Is your child being bullied? Not sure how to deal with it? We see, read and hear stories everyday detailing the devastating impact on our children. Sonya and Sacha talk with Lucy Thomas, Founder of Project Rocket on what to do if your child is being bullied in person or online. In this episode they provide tips on how to be proactive in protecting our kids, how to tackle the issue with our children's school, who to contact for help and what to do if your child is the bully. Author of Two Worlds of Your Teenager: Find on Facebook: Find The Door Bitch & Entrepreneur on Twitter: Find The Door Bitch & Entrepreneur on Instagram: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app store

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