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Brooks Melchior (SPORTS by BROOKS) and 'Saved By The Bell' is A High School 'House of Cards'

Brooks Melchior ( joins Austin to talk about where he's been for the last 5 years, the other side of Jackie Robinson than very few people know about, if anyone tried or got close to reaching him during his hiatus, why he chose the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory clip to announce his return, why he constantly tweeted polls upon his return, and his new sports talk venture with FanCred (interview starts at 3:56). Plus, Austin shares his take on the news of NBCUniversal's new streaming platform Peacock apparently rebooting Saved By The Bell. Austin also shares his take on why Saved By The Bell is just a high school version of Netflix's House of Cards (47:56). And, of course, can't end the show without some SHOUT-OUTS, with some going to Nick Saban's DEEZ NUTS jokes, Gardner Flint Minshew the II, Mike Leach, the worst Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota take ever, the city of Pittsburgh, and much more (1:04:08).

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