Bolling with Favre

Brett Favre and Eric Bolling talk to Megyn Kelly about the out-of touch Harry/Meghan interview, Oprah's interview tactics and cancel culture on Bolling with Favre

Megyn Kelly joins Bolling and Favre to talk about her viral comments surrounding the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview, including how Harry and Meghan came off as out of touch and unappreciative, Oprah's interview tactics and lack of follow-up questions, and how Meghan got her dream interview with Oprah because they've been friends over the years. We also get Brett Favre's thoughts on the monster Dak Prescott deal in Dallas, including the question about whether he will be the same quarterback after his injury. And Brett has questions about what the Chicago Bears would have to give up in order to get Russell Wilson from Seattle. Plus some of the wild stories of the week, including Baker Mayfield's UFO sighting and sportscasters calling out their wives. Email your best clips and comments to

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