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Brendan Schaub on LA Mansion Tax & Good Little Maxwell Housewives + News on Justin Beiber and Ron DeSantis

Brendan Schaub joins Adam in the studio after just buying his mother-in-law a new house. The two discuss LA's new "Mansion Tax" and their desire to leave the city before hearing from a caller that wants to pitch Arkansas as an option. They take a deep dive into old Maxwell House commercials and Adam plays another round of March Madness Madness. Chris reports the news. They hear about swimmer Riley Gaines speaking out about ESPN's celebration of Lia Thomas and a University paying a $14M settlement to the family of a man who died from a heat stroke during a workout. Adam learns about the potential retirement of Justin Bieber which makes him wonder why people would ever retire young. Next, they learn about a Porsche exec filing for divorce over his wife's dementia and a potential U.S.-Mexico gun and fentanyl deal. PLUGS: See Brendan Schaub live: Pasadena, CA - The Ice House - Saturday Atlanta, GA - The Punchline Comedy Club - April 13th to 15th For more dates visit: Listen to Brendan Schaub's podcasts 'The Fighter and the Kid' and the 'The Golden Hour' wherever you listen to podcasts And follow Brendan Schaub on Twitter & Instagram: @BrendanSchaub THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS:

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