Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Black Girls Texting: Spilling all the tea in the group chat

Chelsea, Glynn and Sade, who are the voices behind the Black Girls Texting podcast, join Kaitlyn to spill alllll the tea. What started as a group chat between three highschool besties quickly became a source of juicy stories and newsworthy fact sharing that had to be shared with more than just each other so they turned it into a podcast! Chelsea, Glynn and Sade each bring their own unique personalities, interests, life stories and humour to create an amazing dynamic trio talking passionately about Black culture, girl chat, sneaking into clubs, working too many jobs, dating, policing in Black communities, being SEEN as a Black woman and a closet full of hilarious confessions.

You can follow Chelsea, Glynn and Sade on at @BlackGirlsTexting

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