The Steve Austin Show

Bill Apter of Pro Wrestling Illustrated | SAS CLASSIC

Bill Apter, formerly of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, talks to the "1990 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie Of The Year" (that's Steve Austin in case you're wondering) about Buddy Rogers, the death of the territories, the Von Erich family legacy, Gary Hart, Eddie Graham finishes, the Andy Kaufman-Jerry Lawler feud, Hulk Hogan in Rocky III, and the MRI machine that almost got the best of our favorite G.I.A.N.T. (global icon and national treasure). Enter to win a free membership to Planet Fitness for an entire year PLUS a $500 gift card! Take better control of your health, both body and mind! Get CON-CR?T into your life today. Register now at THAT'S CON-CRET.COM/PODCAST TO LEARN MORE!

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