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Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), A Game of Thrones Game, and New Segment: Random Thoughts

Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist) joins Austin to talk about how his evening with Andy Cohen went, Lori Laughlin now being in prison, things you think will go viral that don't, what is the BEST sports month of the year, the best hockey movie of all-time, a comprehensive breakdown of Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Sudden Death', what is the WORST sports month of the year, what he would change about fans' in-game experiences, an Uber app for stadium food vendors, a new dating app idea, who should be blamed if the Cardinals fail to make the playoffs for a 4th straight year, and what a Real Housewives of St. Louis would look like (interview starts at 2:43). Plus, Austin is joined by comedian Kyle Ayers (host of Never Seen It podcast) for a crossover episode where Kyle quizzes Austin on Game of Thrones, even though Austin's never seen an episode (1:06:00), and a new segment called Random Thoughts, where Austin just shares some random thoughts about Matthew McConaughey, Martin Lawrence, Tiger Woods being back, and Tim Cook's Twitter bio (1:21:39).

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