Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay

Apparently there are billboards up saying "They Talk Funny," have you seen one? Plus, since we have Hooters and now Hoots...should we open Hammocks?

Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay
00:34:20 7/15/2019

Past Episodes

It is expected that STL will be awarded a MLS franchise today...the problem is, we don't really understand how soccer works. Plus, Bud started a new bowling league and he may go broke in the process.
00:35:50 8/19/2019
Every Monday we like to Get Happy so we ask who are ya, where are ya and why are you happy? Plus, the Loop Trolley is going to offer stand up comedy - wonder why Bud and Broadway didn't make the cut?
00:38:55 8/18/2019
Each week before the Bud and Broadway Home Team can leave for the weekend they have to reply to all of their emails. This week they go out to Good Vibes Week, Soccer coming to STL and getting a job! AND Chris Janson says choose to be happy...it can change so many people's lives, while talking about Good Vibes Week!
00:37:00 8/15/2019
Broadway has a white trash division of his family...and this time they want you to know that did NOT kidnap anyone! Plus, it's Good Vibes Week so today we try and get some cats and dogs adopted!
00:40:40 8/14/2019
It's Good Vibes Week on the Bud and Broadway Show, so we send Kelly from Arnold and JT out to open doors for strangers. Plus, have you heard about Mike Tyson's Pot Theme Park...what is he thinking?
00:36:30 8/13/2019
Y'all are super creative when it comes to waking the kids up for school. Plus, Good Vibes week continues with a FREE lemonade stand!
00:35:25 8/12/2019
With so much negativity in the world, we decided we needed to send some good vibes...so it's Good Vibes Week on the Bud and Broadway Show. Plus, Mondays are rough, so we like to Get Happy!
00:36:18 8/12/2019
Bud and Broadway spent some time with LoCash and they told the guys about smuggling some people into Canada AND getting a ticket in Australia. Plus, it's Finally Friday Emails...this week they go out to being nice to others, the FGL concert AND the NFL pre-season starting!
00:36:50 8/8/2019
We had to try the new Reeses Peanut Butter Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme...it was kinda a mess when we tried them LIVE on the air. Plus, it's back to school time and this Mom is overly excited for her kids to go back...she'll buy the teachers ANYTHING they want!
00:36:40 8/7/2019
What did you break at work...that ended up costing the company a lot of money? Plus, something happened at Kane Brown's house that is forcing him to move!
00:45:20 8/6/2019

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