Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay

We finally got to introduce you to Filmore - a new artist from STL, who we could not be more proud of! Plus, Sweet Becca is in the know and when news that Kane Brown and his wife are expecting she is all over it!

Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay
00:36:30 4/15/2019

Past Episodes

It's been super hot in STL - but how hot is it? So hot you can smell the naked bike riders already! Plus, comedian Roy Wood Jr. stopped in studio to tell us about losing his radio job, football and his take on the Avengers.
00:32:20 7/18/2019
Who do you think would steal a rock from the moon? What about eat produce without paying for it at the grocery store? Plus, a woman in Kansas City had her car stolen...so she stole it back. We talked to her and she gave us all the details!
00:39:40 7/17/2019
Ok...FaceApp has taken over the internet the last couple of days. Bud and Broadway did it, Bud looks like Bob Barker and Broadway's head was too big for the app! PLUS, Tennessee officials warn citizens of possible "meth gators."
00:35:48 7/16/2019
Apparently there are billboards up saying "They Talk Funny," have you seen one? Plus, since we have Hooters and now Hoots...should we open Hammocks?
00:34:20 7/15/2019
Amazon Prime Day is here! Bud is way too excited and has some ideas on good deals! Plus, when you chase a chicken in the Walmart parking lot...that is all I need to know about you!
00:27:15 7/14/2019
Some kinda crazy stories today. Someone was pulled over in Oklahoma with Uranium, a rattlesnake and whiskey. Plus, when your vacation involves a tarantula, a fish and a cave it's gotta be good right?!?!
00:37:50 7/11/2019
Bud went 1.5 hours to go get a potato...it made him wonder, how far have you traveled for food? Plus, y'all have some good suggestions on the fireworks potty training!
00:31:30 7/10/2019
Never thought fireworks would help potty training...but it totally did! Plus, who is going to carjack someone with a snake? A lady in South Carolina did!
00:00:00 7/9/2019
The 4th of July is in just a couple of days, so we had to know what's the dumbest thing you've ever done with fireworks? Some of y'all are cray cray! Plus, Broadway just realized that Remy really needs meds...after hitting up Westport Social yesterday.
00:24:15 7/1/2019
Mondays are the not very much fun...so we like to Get Happy. Your happiness can make someone else happy, then we are all happy. Plus, starting today some big changes are coming to IL. Higher taxes and tougher laws.
00:27:05 6/30/2019

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