Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Ashley Iaconetti: Dawson's Mom Has Got It Goin' On

TW: Birth and Pregnancy.

Dawson's mama, AKA the one and only Ashley I., is on the podcast today to catch up with her ole' friend KB! While the two go way back (all the way back to 2015 on Chris Soules' season), it's been a hot minute since they've had a chance to catch up... and to say there's a LOT to catch up on is an understatement. Since she's last been on the pod, Ashley's moved to a new state and new home, started a new business with hubby Jared, and became a mom to a human baby in addition to her fur baby! Always an open book, Ashley is ready to talk about anything and everything pregnancy, birthing, and mom-life with Kaitlyn. From bizarre mommy culture encounters to fainting horror stories to the status of her vajayjay, it's all on the table. Plus, Kaitlyn gets a potentially life-altering baby-related text during the pod that's all caught on the mic. It's always a good time with these two! For those in Rhode Island and beyond, be sure to check out Audrey's Coffee House & Lounge, and follow @ashley_iaconetti on Instagram for all the baby Dawson updates! 

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