Secret Life of Teens (AUS)

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Can you future proof your teen

Weren't we all supposed to be jetting around in flying cars by now? What does the future hold for our children? What areas should we be steering them towards to choose their careers? Can we actually future proof our kids? Hear futurist Paul Higgins sharing his insights about the qualities our children will need to possess to thrive in the future. How to guide them into a career which will have longevity in an ever changing, world of artificial intelligence and automation. Maybe we shouldn't encourage them to be lawyers, doctors and Engineers... Author of Two Worlds of Your Teenager: Find on Facebook: Find The Door Bitch & Entrepreneur on Twitter: Find The Door Bitch & Entrepreneur on Instagram: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app store

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