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Alyssa Rosenheck: What's the worst they can say?

Best selling author, speaker, business leader, cancer survivor and one of the leading photographers in the country, Alyssa Rosenheck joins Kaitlyn to discuss major life pivots, following your heart and inspiring creative courage. After she was diagnosed with cancer, Alyssa's life took a 180 in the career path she was on when she realized that she was living to work and not working to live. She went from a very corporate career working for Fortune 100 companies where she felt like she had to hide her femininity in order to be seen for her knowledge and not her looks, to an extremely creative and successful career in photography... and she literally had never picked up a professional camera before. Alyssa claims to not have had a creative bone in her body until she dug deep and realized how therapeutic living a life of passion really was even when you are turned down at times. She is an inspiration for all those who are struggling to make a career change and a reminder to follow your dreams. And maybe don't follow it to the cookie jar because you might find yourself on the bathroom floor thinking your arms are going to fall off... a hilarious confession that came out of left field after a very calm and rejuvenating conversation. Alyssa also shares her thoughts on some design trends and whether they are here to stay or go! You can find Alyssa Rosenheck on IG at @AlyssaRosenheck and @TheNewSouthern APARTMENTS.COM - Go to The most popular place to find a place. CHINET - Chinet Brand makes premium disposable tableware for all of life's gatherings. Visit to find out more. GEICO - Go to, get a quote, and see how much you could save. It's GEICO-easy! STRAIGHT TALK - No contract. No compromise. Available at Walmart and SENSIBLE PORTIONS - Head over to to try Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws and Garden Veggie Puffs.

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