Complete Drivel (AUS)

I'm getting old and I sex is a chore

Complete Drivel (AUS)
00:33:09 8/13/2019

Past Episodes

Talking about recent drama about Share The Dignity & How i was super turned on by a guy chasing a chip packet.
00:32:21 9/2/2019
R18+ Episode. This gets highly intimate and highly disgusting. Its about a group sex experience I just had!
00:33:56 7/30/2019
I wanted to start a fight with a lady over a car parking space and also got into an uber that wasn't an uber and it was super scary and weird
00:26:39 7/19/2019
I watched the mini series on the Nuclear disaster and was blown away by all the new info surrounding the handling of it.
00:14:57 7/11/2019
What age do you let your kid have a phone?
00:31:45 7/4/2019
Sometimes I say things in the wrong place at the wrong time! - Christian Hull 
00:25:53 6/20/2019
I really want to be a groomsman for my brothers wedding but he hasn't asked so I ambush him by inviting him onto this episode. - Christian Hull 
00:45:37 6/18/2019
Why am I scared to talk about mens issues? - Christian Hull 
00:24:05 6/14/2019
My parents are going on a two month holiday to Sweden and wrote a will! This sounds suss. - Christian Hull 
00:25:49 6/11/2019
Sex and Food! More food than sex! - Christian Hull 
00:19:29 6/3/2019

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