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Air Force's new Installation and Mission Support Center marks full operational capability; IBM brings AI into Army logistics

On this week's show: The new command the Air Force announced three years ago to centralize its installation management and other support functions reaches its full operating capability. Maj. Gen. Brad Spacy, the commander of Installation and Mission Support Center joins us to talk about what the center's done to make the Air Force more efficient and effective.
Also, Kevin Aven from IBM joins us with details on a $135 million contract the firm just won to support the Army's Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA). Watson, the company's artificial intelligence platform, will play a key role.

On DoD
00:00:00 9/27/2017

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For decades, the Navy's relationship with its spare parts suppliers has been relatively straightforward: when the service needs a batch of items, it places an order, and industry fulfills it. But officials at Naval Supply Systems Command say they've come to realize that arms-length transactional approach doesn't give the Navy nearly enough insight into the health of its supply chain, nor does it give vendors enough of a view into the military's long-term needs. Karen Fenstermacher, NAVSUP's executive for strategic initiatives joins us to talk about how the command is trying to build deeper relationships involving more communication with vendors through its Strategic Supplier Relationship Management program.
00:00:00 8/29/2019
In the Defense world, formal investigations rarely substantiate whistleblower retaliation claims, especially those from contractor employees. But a new alternative dispute resolution program has already resolved more than 80. Nilgun Tolek, the DoD OIG's director of whistleblower reprisal joins Jared Serbu to discuss the ADR program.
00:00:00 7/24/2019
First on this weeks show, officials from Army Cyber Command and the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems join Jared Serbu to talk about the kickoff of the Army's Enterprise IT-as-a-Service pilot, which will begin the process of outsourcing network services on Army installations. Later, Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, the Air Force Surgeon General joins us to discuss the new health care delivery model the Air Force is implementing, partly in response to possible staff reductions in the service's uniformed medical corps.
00:00:00 7/16/2019
The Army is front and center in this episode. We begin with an exclusive interview with Mark Esper, the Army secretary. Later, Maj. Gen. Cedric Wins from the Army's Combat Capabilities Development Command discusses where artificial intelligence fits in with the Army's near-and-long-term modernization plans.
00:00:00 6/11/2019
A special edition of On DoD, featuring an abridged version of a panel discussion Jared Serbu moderated at this year's Navy League Sea-Air-Space expo in National Harbor, Maryland. This conversation is focused on personnel, and specifically, what the sea services say is a coming revolution in how military training is conducted.
00:00:00 5/21/2019

Like the other military services, the Air Force has knowingly underfunded its facility maintenance accounts in recent years while its O&M budgets have been squeezed. But officials have come to the conclusion that they'll never reverse the trend of buildings steadily falling into disrepair without both more money and a new scheme to prioritize funds. Richard Hartley, the Air Force's principal deputy assistant secretary for installations, environment and energy talks with Federal News Network's Scott Maucione about the service's newly-released Infrastructure Investment Strategy. 

Later, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency thinks social media platforms might be able to teach the R&D community a thing or two about how to quickly connect information from around the globe. DARPA's John Main talks with Jared Serbu about a new platform called Polyplexus. 

00:00:00 4/3/2019

It's not easy for DoD contracting officers to determine whether they're getting fair and reasonable prices, particularly when they're dealing with relatively small-dollar value transactions where there is only one supplier. That's according to a new DoD IG audit, which found one supplier, Transdigm, marked up its parts by as much as 4,400 percent.

Theresa Hull, the assistant inspector general for acquisition joins us to discuss the findings and the IG's recommendations for broader reform. 

Later, Capt. Matthew Friedell, project officer at the Marine Corps Advanced Manufacturing Operations Cell talks with Federal News Network's Scott Maucione about the Marines' new 24/7 help center for 3D printing. 

00:00:00 3/13/2019

We're turning this week's show over to Federal News Network's Jason Miller, who recently talked to several experts about a recently-released DIA report that listed more than three dozen research reports the agency funded as part of something called the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program.

The technologies ranged from the somewhat-plausible to physics-defying. On the far end of the spectrum: manipulation of other dimensions, "warp" propulsion, and travel through wormholes. 

Jason talked to three S&T observers about the value of these sorts of projects: Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, whose FOIA request uncovered the list in the first place; August Cole, a non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council; and John Amble from West Point's Modern War Institute.

00:00:00 3/6/2019
On this week's program, two senior Navy IT officials join Jared Serbu to talk about the service's latest plans for identity and cloud computing. Capt. Ben McNeal, the program manager for Naval Enterprise Networks (PMW-205), discusses the Navy's move to derived credentials on mobile devices and the role identity will play in network security going forward. Later, Travis Methvin, the project manager for Navy Commercial Cloud Services (PMW-270), talks with Jared about his new office and its role in helping Navy organizations migrate their legacy systems to the cloud.
00:00:00 2/19/2019

The documentation accompanying DoD's first-ever financial audit is tough for non-auditors to decipher. But as part of its work this year, the DoD Inspector General also released an explanation of the results in layman's language; it also pointed out what the IG believes are the six most significant material weaknesses the audit uncovered. 

Carmen Malone, the Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Audit and Financial Management Readiness, talks with Jared Serbu to break down those six areas of concern.

Later in the program, Alba Aleman, the CEO of Citizant joins us to talk about how her firm survived the latest government shutdown, and what companies can do to prepare for the next one. 

00:00:00 1/29/2019

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