Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley

Coming in HOT: PART 2 of the FULL Chrisley Life Update

Continuing the convo on the Chrisley family, Savannah's love life, and what she plans to do next. This episode dives deep into everything currently going on in the Chrisley family, from Todd and Julie's current situation to Savannah's new life with her younger siblings Chloe and Grayson and everything in between. Also, a FULL DISCLOSURE of Savannah's dating life. Savannah put herself on the hotseat this week by asking her close friend and her podcast producer, Erin Dugan, to lead this interview , demandeding Erin not "let her off the hook." And that she did not. So much tea was spilled that we had no choice but to make it a two-parter. Hard-hitting, Genuine. Raw. Thank you for supporting our show! - PELOTON: Try Peloton Tread risk free with a 30 Day Home Trial. New Members only. Not available in remote locations. See additional terms at onepeloton.com/home-trial. -MUDWTR: Go to mudwtr.com/unlocked to support the show and use code UNLOCKED for 15% off. HONEYLOVE: Treat yourself to the best shapewear on the market and save 20% Off at honeylove.com with the code UNLOCKED20 - PROGRESSIVE: join the over 29 million drivers who trust progressive. Restrictions apply. Not available in all states and situations. Get to know the guest: Erin Dugan is a close friend of Savannah as well as the head producer of "Unlocked" alongside her brother and business partner, Sean Dugan. She is the Founder and Director of "The Cast Collective," a full service media and production company with its headquarters on historic Music Row in Nashville. LET'S BE SOCIAL: Follow Savannah Chrisley: Instagram (@SavannahChrisley) TikTok (@SavannahChrisley) Twitter (@_ItsSavannah_) Follow Erin: Instagram (@erin_dugan) TikTok (@thecastcollective) Twitter (@theerindugan) Follow Unlocked Podcast: Instagram (@UnlockedWithSavannaa) on Instagram TikTok (UnlockedWithSav) Produced and Edited by "The Cast Collective" in Nashville, TN---(www.thecastcollective.com) Follow The Cast Collective on Instagram & Twitter! -- (@TheCastCollective) Savannah's Previous Endeavors: Growing Up Chrisley-- The docuseries follows Chase and Savannah Chrisley as they embrace adulthood in their hometown of Nashville. Now in their mid-20s, the sibling duo are entering a new chapter in their lives as they navigate new and old relationships, businesses and family dynamics. Whether they're launching a new product or dancing at the honkytonk with friends, these two are taking Nashville by storm with their devoted family by their side.

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