Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

A Double-Double Date with Katie & Blake!

The most recently engaged couple to come off of The Bachelorette, Katie & Blake, join Kaitlyn & Jason for a double date!! They make the most of their time still apart in different cities talking about loonies, toonies, double doubles and toques. Or not really because Katie doesn't have a clue about these Canadian things! But they do get to talking about their experience with that good ol' Maple Syrup in the bedroom and it leaves Jason Googling to find out more. Blake, Katie, Jason & Kaitlyn review their Ennegreams as well as Love Languages to analyze their compatibility and determine what could use some work. Blake shares more about his life as a Wildlife Manager, AKA basically Ace Ventura and his love for baby rhinos, but then keeps a tight lid on saying anything about what Katie wants to share as their confession....

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