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976: Bruce Ladebu | Stories of Hope in the Fight Against Slavery

Children's Rescue Initiative founder Bruce Ladebu joins us to discuss the 20 years he's spent liberating hundreds of people from slavery and trafficking!

What We Discuss with Bruce Ladebu:

  • Human trafficking and slavery affect around 40 million globally, generating $150 billion per year. Exploitation includes forced labor, domestic servitude, and sex trafficking of all ages.
  • Heartless and often sadistic traffickers prey on the most vulnerable and desperate populations, including disaster-stricken children and marginalized minorities. Corruption and apathy among local authorities and law enforcement allow this atrocity of an industry to thrive.
  • Rescuing trafficking victims is perilous work, but Bruce Ladebu's team has saved hundreds over the past 20 years. Extensive physical and mental rehabilitation in the aftermath is often necessary for these survivors to cope with the trauma they've endured.
  • Children's Rescue Initiative is Bruce's organization that provides funding for a variety of programs that help to rescue children from trafficking and slavery, provide them with shelter and care, and help them reintegrate into society.
  • Donating cash is just one way to help — people can also volunteer their time to organizations like Children's Rescue Initiative that are working to combat human trafficking and slavery. There are a number of ways to volunteer, such as working in a shelter, providing legal assistance, or advocating for policy changes.
  • And much more...

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