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972: Mustafa Suleyman | The Coming Wave of Artificial Intelligence

How has artificial intelligence (AI) become the 21st century's greatest dilemma? Microsoft AI CEO and The Coming Wave author Mustafa Suleyman weighs in!

What We Discuss with Mustafa Suleyman:

  • A deep dive into the evolution of AI and understanding how AI learns and predicts.
  • AI's potential impact on everything from everyday jobs to gaming to national security to solving global challenges.
  • The ethical considerations of allowing AI to replace humans in the workforce — particularly as it gets more sophisticated and more capable of taking on more complex tasks.
  • How AI will shape the course of the arms race between the superpowers.
  • The critical need for responsible innovation, international safety standards, and cooperative governance to harness AI's benefits while mitigating its threats.
  • And much more...

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