Weekly Dish on MyTalk

Steph Hansen and Elizabeth Ries take in the cooler weather and chat apples, ciders, Fall cookbooks and the upcoming Cookbook Swap event. Steph and Elizabeth also answer your foodie questions!

Weekly Dish on MyTalk
00:00:00 9/22/2018

Past Episodes

Steph March and guest co-host Lindsay Guentzel share their Top Two In Hour Two. Downtown Abbey, Trader Joe's, Audio Books, and Miso.
00:13:00 9/17/2019
Steph and Lindsay share their favorite things in Top Two, Wapatui, Fall Festivals, and the moral of the story.
00:42:00 9/14/2019
Steph is joined by guest co-host Lindsay Guentzel, they dish on cocktails and slow cooker things. Special guest Cathy Maes joins the show to talk Loaves & Fishes, and Steph and Lindsay take your foodie questions.
00:43:00 9/14/2019
In this episode, sponsored by our friends at Sitka Salmon, the Stephs talk with Richie Mann who helps us decipher what sustainable fishing is. How can you shop and eat fish responsibly? What do you look for in the grocery store or on a menu? Enroll in 1 of 2 of our final 2019 wild, line-caught Alaskan seafood shares and use this promo code: DISHFISH50 to receive $50 off your first month. Your shares will arrive at your front door with tasty recipes starting October and going through December.
00:29:00 9/11/2019
Steph and Molly Herrmann share their favorites in Top Two, Guest Brent Frederick talks Borough and refresh, food halls, and festing season.
00:45:00 9/7/2019
Steph March and Molly Herrmann share what they have been eating this week, MN State Fair recap, essential cookbooks, COOKBOOK SWAP announcement, back to school cooking, and your foodie questions.
00:44:00 9/7/2019
The Stephs are Live at the MN State Fair and talk about State Fair foods as it's own cuisine.
00:47:00 8/31/2019
Leslie Miller from Amuse Wines and www.SipBetter.com talks us through the Minnesota Wine Scene out at the Minnesota State Fair and helps us understand the depth of Minnesota Wines now available.
00:00:00 8/30/2019
Local musician, author, rapper and collaborator Dessa worked with Izzys Ice Cream on a Minnesota State Fair ice cream collaboration that is being sold at the Minnesota State Fair at the Hamlin Diner called #DessasNightDrive.
00:00:00 8/28/2019

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